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Minnesota’s Morning Podcast

Episode 126

Monday, February 13, 2017

Adult Scout Cookies

Harry Niska on the judicial system, John Augustine on legislative evaluation, Don Grant with newspaper clippings, and David Belford third-wheels.

Show Notes

A Block

  • David Belford is third-wheeling.
  • Jack want a welding table in his basement. [02:37]
  • Ben invented a cookie in his sleep. [06:10]
  • The News Bag. [12:10]

B Block

C Block

  • Don Grant with Old Man Paper. [1:00:06]
    • Nicknames in the Obituaries
    • Saying dumb things on Twitter.
    • Mini apartments.

D Block

  • Harry Niska corrects Jack and Ben on the judicial system. [1:46:35]
News Bag Links

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