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Minnesota’s Morning Podcast

Episode 93

Monday, December 26, 2016

Noise Muffs

Jack and Ben talk about their Christmases, when the shortest day of the year is, and the weirdest corrections of 2016.

Show Notes

A Block

  • Jack and Ben talk about their Christmases. [00:05]
  • Ben complains about NFL Saturday Noon games. [05:16]
  • Ben complains about Comcast Xfinity’s sports app. [07:50]
  • Follow-up over Jack on HLN. [10:21]
  • Jack is putting his family in an Escape Room [16:58]
  • Ben’s Nerd Segment: Winter, the sun, and the shortest day of the year. [24:52]
  • Jack needs a new television. Ben recommends The Wirecutter [37:22]
  • The weirdest press corrections of 2016. [54:38]

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