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Minnesota’s Morning Podcast

Episode 91

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Mike Gudaisite

Kayla Fossen flirts with Ben with sexy intellectual property talk even though her fiancé David Paul Pascoe is in the room. Plus, George Damian on Rogue One and Cat Lady in the Post-Pod Showcast.

Show Notes

A Block [00:03]

  • Jack get his phone fixed at the Apple Store.
  • The line at the Genius Bar vs the line at Santa’s Workshop.

B Block [18:12]

  • Intellectual property attorney Kayla Fossen and her fiancé David Paul Pascoe.
  • The News Bag.

C Block [57:15]

  • George Damian and everyone else on Star Wars Rogue One.

Post-Pod Showcast [1:32:11]

  • Cat Lady’s 2017 event survey.

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