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Minnesota’s Morning Podcast

Episode 420

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Mustard on the Green

Jeff Johnson on the seismic shift in the gubernatorial race. Plus, Transportation T’ursday with Frank Pafko and YR Chair Aly Eichman.

Show Notes

A Block

  • Jack got gifts from Old Man Paper
  • Scarlet Fever
  • The News Bag

B Block

  • Jeff Johnson
    • Tim Pawlenty fundraising
    • Keith Downey dropping out
    • Governor Dayton’s incompetance
    • Refugee resettlement in Saint Cloud

C Block

  • Transportation T’ursday with Frank Pafko
    • MnDOT and the Blizzard
    • Transportation Omnibus Bill
    • An audit of the Federal Rail Administration
    • Bike lanes
    • The American Revolution

D Block

  • Aly Eichman, Chair of the Young Republicans

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