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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Dayton puts forward smaller version of last year’s failed tax bill

Gov. Mark Dayton proposed a $300 million package of tax cuts, similar to, but smaller than, a tax bill he vetoed last session.

Tim Pugmire of Minnesota Public Radio:

The proposal announced Thursday is a pared down version of the tax bill he vetoed last spring. But with a projected $1.4 billion budget surplus available, Republicans who now control the House and Senate are looking to cut a lot more.

Dayton says his plan will expand tax credits available to low and middle-income families, make child care more affordable and reduce the property tax burden on farmers. Cities and counties would get a bump in state aid, and college students would get a tax break on tuition.

The bill is about $180 million smaller than the 2016 bill that Dayton vetoed due to a potentially expensive drafting error.


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